Maintain A Strong And Healthy-Looking Smile With Dental Crowns

Dental crowns in Milford MA are an effective and versatile dental treatment used to restore damaged or decayed teeth at Milford Family Dental in Milford. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a natural tooth or a dental implant to restore its strength, shape, size, and function.

How are dental crowns placed?

Our dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decayed or damaged portions and shaping it to accommodate the crown. An impression of the tooth is then taken to create a custom-made crown that matches your natural tooth color and shape. While the permanent crown is fabricated in a dental laboratory, a temporary crown is placed on top of the prepared tooth to protect it. In the final step, the permanent crown is cemented onto the tooth, restoring its appearance and function.

What are the advantages of dental crowns?

Dental crowns are designed to provide strength and durability, allowing you to comfortably bite and chew without pain or sensitivity. They can enhance the appearance of your tooth by improving its shape, size, and color. Crowns seamlessly blend in with the surrounding teeth, providing a natural and attractive smile, and can act as a protective barrier, preventing further damage to weak or cracked teeth. They also support teeth that have undergone root canal therapy or dental implant procedures.

Who can benefit from dental crowns?

Dental crowns can be a great solution for teeth with significant decay, cracks, fractures, or large fillings. They restore the tooth's structural integrity, preventing the need for extraction. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment become weak and prone to fractures. Crowns are often recommended to strengthen and protect these teeth. Crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of teeth with severe discoloration, irregular shapes, or size discrepancies.

If you’re experiencing any dental issues, contact us today to determine if dental crowns in Milford MA are the right option. Dental crowns can significantly contribute to your well-being and instill confidence in your smile.

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  • Strengthen weakened and damaged teeth
  • Protect teeth from further damage
  • Improve bite and chewing function
  • Upgrade your smile’s aesthetic
  • Show off a strong and healthy-looking smile!