What Is an Intraoral Camera and How Can It Benefit Your Oral Health?

Sometimes dentists have a difficult time seeing every corner of your mouth. Even with the bright lights and tiny mirrors, it can be tough to see everything they need to see. Now there’s a device that can effectively solve that problem, and it’s directly affecting patient behavior.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a relatively new device dentists are using in their practice. It’s shaped like a very large pen and it takes clear, detailed X-ray images of the interior of a patient’s mouth. It’s connected to a monitor so patients can also see the reality of what’s happening in their mouth.

Why is an intraoral camera useful?

  1. It’s an effective diagnostic tool. It gives your dentist a full view of every part of your mouth and can see everywhere that might need some attention.
  2. It gives you a full view of every part of your mouth too. So you can see the areas that need to improve and areas that have improved.
  3. It provides visual evidence of what is problematic in mouth. Sometimes people don’t take it seriously when they’re told something is wrong if they aren’t feeling pain or that anything is different. Now they can see for themselves.
  4. It encourages good oral hygiene. When you can see the results of your efforts, it’s motivating to continue those good behaviours. The same goes for seeing the results of your lack of effort or bad habits.

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